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Law School

First Semester
The First Year Basic Courses
931.501 Legal Research and Legal Writing
931.601 Public Law 1 (Constitution and Political System)
931.651 Civil Law 1 (Contract)
931.751 Criminal Law 1
931.504 Law and Social Science
The Second Year 931.506 Korean Tradition Legal History
931.507 Law of Philosophy
931.508 Introduction to Korean Law
931.618 Public Administration Relief
931.653 Civil Law 3 (Law of Property and Secured Transcation)
931.656 General of Law of Contracts and Torts
931.673 Particulars of Criminal Law
931.702 Principles of Commercial Law
931.703 Law of Corporations
931.719 Tax Law
931.726 Intellectual Property Law
931.753 Criminal Law
931.801 International Law 1
931.803 Law of International Trade
931.804 International Economic Law
931.851 Law of Commercial and Economy
931.862 Individual Industrial Property Law
931.863 Social Security Law
931.872 Environmental Law
Advanced Courses
931.503 Korean Legal History
931.511 Sociology of Law
931.605 Comparative on Constitution
931.608 Institutionas Law
931.609 Constitutional Litigation Practices
931.619 Construction Administrative Law
931.620 Economic Law
931.626 Procedure of Administrative Law
931.669 Law of Press. Internet. Human Rights
931.660 Medical Law
931.755 Fact Broadsheet *
931.756 Korean Public Interest and Humans Rights Litigation
931.757 The Basic Theory of Criminal Law
931.807 International Trade Dispute Settlement
931.853 Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Law
931.854 Customer Protection Law
931.865 Fair Employment Law
931.622 Theory of Public Law Regulations
Practice Courses
The Second Year 931.663 Bond Law Cases
931.679 General Civil Procedure Cases
931.761 General Criminal Procedure Cases
Basic Courses
The Third Year 931.519 Attorney Practice
Advanced Courses
931.51 Design of Negotiation and Transactions
931.52 German Law
931.521 Roman Law
931.522 Law of Economics
931.525 Legal Thoughts
931.529 Natural Law and Legal Positivism
931.532 Modern Theory of Justice
931.533 Introduction to American Law
Law & Society
931.612 Science of Legislation
931.613 Democratic Constitutionalism
931.614 Law of Reunification
931.622 Public Law theories and Methodology of Law
931.628 Theory of Public Law and Public Policy
931.629 Reconstruction and Redevelopment
931.63 U.S Administrative Law
931.664 International Family Law
931.665 German Law
931.666 Comparative Judicial Law
931.669 French Law
931.67 Anglo-American Private Law
931.676 Bankruptcy
931.707 Legal Financial Transaction Law
931.708 Merger and Acquisitions Law
931.71 Capital Market Law
931.712 Economic Structure of Business Deal
931.722 Corporate Tax and Shareholder
931.729 Scientific Technology and Law
931.73 Prevention of Unfair Competition Law
931.731 Innovation Competition
931.766 Victimology
931.767 Sentencing Penal Punishment
831.813 International Law of Civil Procedure
931.814 International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes
831.815 East Asia International Law
831.858 Comparative Economic Law
931.868 Social Insurance Law
931.874 Climate Change Law
931.875 International Environmental Law
931.857 Agricultural Law
Practice Courses
The Third Year 931.616 Constitution Practice
931.632 Administrative Law Practice Case Study
931.672 Civil Trial Practice
931.678 Civil Litigation Practice
931.716 Commerce Law Practice
931.718 Seminar on Corporation Law
931.725 Tax Law Practice
931.733 Patent Law Practice
931.734 International Intellectual Property
931.768 Criminal Law Practice
931.869 Labor Law Practice
Second Semester
The First Year Basic Courses
931.602 Public Law 2 (Basic Theory)
931.603 Public Law 3 (Generals of Administrative Law)
931.652 Civil Law 2 (***)
931.654 Civil Procedure
931.752 Criminal Law 2
931.502 Law of Western Culture
The Second Year 931.505 Legal Ethics
931.655 Civil Law 4 (Family Law)
931.657 Law of Contracts and Torts
931.701 Legal Practice of Financial Law
931.802 International Law 2
931.805 Private International Law
931.864 Labor Law
Advanced Course
931.509 International Business Law
931.512 Woman Law
931.513 Forensic Anthropology
931.514 Policy Science
931.515 Critical Attitude of Jurisprudence
931.516 Korean Legal System
931.517 Law and Modern Policies
931.604 Legal Aspects of Inter-Korean Relationship/ North korean Law
931.606 Political Science/ Election
931.607 Law of Media Information
931.610 US Constitution
931.621 Rules on Management of Apartment Houses
931.623 Comparative Administrative Law
931.624 Information Network Law
931.625 The Local Government Act
931.658 Real Estate Finance Law
931.661 Debt Collection Method Law
931.674 Civil Execution Law
931.675 Arbitration Law
931.704 Corporate Finance
931.705 Theories and Practice of Corporate Governace
931.706 Law of Insurance
931.720 Tax Accounting
931.721 Tax Proceedings
931.727 Copyright Law
931.728 Patent Law
931.754 Reform of Criminal Procedure
931.758 Criminal Policy
931.759 Criminal Evidence Rule
931.806 International Commercial Arbitration
931.808 International Human Right Law
931.809 International Investment Law
The Second Year 931.810 Trade Remedy Policy Team
931.852 Regulation Industry and Economic Law
931.866 Case Law of Labor
931.867 Public Assistance Law
931.873 Energy Resources Law
The Third Year Practice Courses
931.662 Law of Property Cases
931.76 Prosecution Practice
931.762 Criminal Trial Practice
931.855 Monopoly Regulation Practice
Basic Courses
931.518 Mock Trial
Advanced Courses
931.523 Law of Economics special lectures
931.524 Law and Communication
931.526 Forensic Medicine
931.527 Readings in Classic Law
931.528 Bioethics and Law
931.53 History of Korean Law
931.531 Modern Human Rights
931.611 German Constituion
931.615 Korean Constitution
931.627 Local Public Enterprises Law
931.667 Consumer Contract Law
931.668 Information Technology Jurisdiction
931.677 Comparative Procedure Law
931.709 Trust Law
931.711 Transportation Law
931.713 Corporate Litigation
931.714 International Corporate Goverance
931.715 U.S Securities Regulation
931.723 Avoidance of Taxation Law
931.724 International Taxation
931.725 Licensing International Intellectual
931.763 Modern Criminal Law
931.765 German Criminal Law
931.812 International Sale Contract Law
931.816 Law of Treaties
931.817 WTO/FTA Dispute Settlement
931.856 Methodology of Economic Law
931.859 Minor Enterprises Law
931.86 Economics of Antitrust
Practice Course
931.535 Research Feminist Precedents
931.617 Constitutional Court Practice
931.631 Public Law Practice
931.671 Family Law Practice
The Third Year 931.717 Finance Law Practice
931.732 Copyrights Law Practice
931.769 Criminal Lawyer Practice
931.818 International Investment Practice
931.861 Labor Litigation Practice
931.87 Social Security Law Practice
931.876 Environmental Law Practice


270.501 Basic Legal Philosophy
270.502(*) Special Studies in Legal Philosophy Pure theory of Law /Analytical Jurisprudence
Seminar on Law and Information of Law Research
Critical Legal Studies
270.503 Study on Theory of Legal thoughts
270.504(*) Value of Law Thoery
270.505 Natural Law
270.506 Legal Thoughts
207.507(*) Special Studies in Legal Thoughts Natural Legal thoughts
Human Rights Law
Cultural Legal thoughts
Religion and Legal thoughts
Modern Legal thoughts
Postmodernism Legal thoughts
270.508 Modern Law
270.51 Sociology of Law
270.515 History of Western Law
270.517(*) History of Oriental Law Chinese Rule of Law
Chinese Public Law
Chinese Jurisdical Histories
Modern Chinese Law
Modern Japanese Rule of Law
Japanese Public Law
Japanese Jurisdical Histories
Colony Article Comparative Study
270.518(*) Special Studies in Korean Law Acient Judiciary Studies
Korean Dynasty Judiciary Studies
Rule of Law Studies
Public Law Studies
Law of Trade
Law of Organization
Social Law Studies
Judical Histories
Identity Judiciary Studies
Relative Judiciary
Law of Succession
Criminal Law
270.522A Comparative Study of Judiciary
270.523 Law and Economics
270.524 The Law of the United States Special Lectures
270.525 Anglo-American judicial Institiutional Approach
270.527 Roman Justice Studies
270.530(*) Special Studies in Public Law of Rome Roman Legal History Research
Early Modern Common Law Research
Early Modern Humanism Law Research
Research methodologies reason modern times
History of Early Modern Law
Individual Provisions of Claim Law Research
Modern Compiled Pandect Research
Modern Judicial Research
270.532 Modern Public Law Research
270.539 Legal Theory
270.540(*) Korean Modern Legal History Research The Korean Legal System
Colonical Law
Rule of the US forces
Modern Legislation
Public Law Studies
Judicial Histories
The Judicial System
Social Economy Law
270.542 Chinese Law Research
270.545(*) Speical Studis in Law of Sociology Legal Sociology
Law and Social Change
Constituion Sociology
Victims of human rights testimony research
Liquidate the Past and Sociology of Law
Public Interest Litigation and Jurist
270.547(*) Readings in Foreign Law Readings in German Constitution
Readings in German Administrative Law
Readings in German Civil Law
Readings in German Mercantile Law
Readings in German Civil Suit Law
Readings in German Criminal Law
Readings in German Social Law
Readings in German Economy Law
Readings in German International Law
Readings in German Legal History
Readings in German Philosophy Law
Readings in French Constitution
Readings in French Administrative Law
Readings in French Civil Law
Readings in French Mercantile Law
Readings in French Civil Suit Law
Readings in French Criminal Law
Readings in French Social Law
Readings in French Economy Law
Readings in French International Law
Readings in French Legal History
Readings in French Philosophy Law
Readings in Anglo-American Constituion
Readings in Anglo-American Administrative Law
Readings in Anglo-American Civil Law
Readings in Anglo-American Mercantile Law
Readings in Anglo-American Civil Suit Law
Readings in Anglo-American Criminal Law
Readings in Anglo-American Social Law
Readings in Anglo-American Economy Law
Readings in Anglo-American International Law
Readings in Anglo-American Legal History
Readings in Anglo-American Philosophy Law
270.548(*) Woman Law Research Feminist Legal Theory
Feminist Jurisprudence
Feminist Policy
Special Studies in Feminist Legal Theory 1
Special Studies in Feminist Legal Theory 2
270.55 Forensic Anthropology Research


270.601 (*) Basic Theory of Constitution Constitution Analysis
Principles of Constitution
Public Policy of Constitution
Legal Thought on Constitution
History of Korean Constitution
History of English Constitution
History of U.S Constitution
History of French Constitution
History of German Constitution
270.602(*) Theory of Basic Rights Theory of Basic Rights Analysis
Principles of Basic Rights
The force of Basic Rights law
Confinement of Basic Rights
Human Rights theory
Legal Obligation on Basic Rights
Theory of Basic Rights
270.603 Basic Precedents to the Constitution Basic Constitution Study
Equal Right Precedent Study
Civil Liberty Precedent Study
Precedent of Claims
Social Precedents
Political System Precedents
Constitutional Litigation Precedents
270.604(*) Comparative Study on Constitution U.S Constitution
English Constitution
Asian countries Constitution
German Constitution
French Constitution
North Korean Constitution
Principles of Comparative Constitutions
African countries Constitution
Latin American Constitution
EU Constitution
History of Comparative Constitution
Unconstitutional Law Judgement
270.606(*) Special Studies in Constitution Establishment of Constitution
Special Research on Right of Freedom
Special Research on Equality
Special Research on Right of Claim
Special Research on Politics
Special Research on Social Right
270.608(*) Basic Theory of State Law Theory of the State
Theory of National Law
Theory of Constitutionalism
Theory of Democracy
Theory of A Constitutional State
Theory of Social State
Priniciple of Division of Powers
270.609(*) Judicial System Court System
Prosecution System
Attorney System
Comparative Jurisdiction
National Judicial System
English Judicial System
U.S Judicial System
German Judicial System
French Judicial System
The Judicial System
270.610(*) System of Government U.S Government
English Government
French Government
German Government
Analysis on A Form of Government
EU Government
Comparative Study on system of Government
Principles of System of Government
270.612(*) System of Party Election Campaign Theory of Political Party
Principle of System of Political Party
Theory of Election
Principle of System of Election
Theory of Election Expenses
Theory of Political Funds
Theory of The Public Servant's Ethics
270.613(*) The Parliamentary System Representatiave System
Comparatives on Parliamentary system
Formation of Parliament
Organization Theory of Parliament
Functional Theory of Legislature
Regulation of Parliament
270.616(*) Press and Information Law Press Law
Broadcasting Law
Public information Law
Information and Communications Law
Freedom of Public Expression Law
Culture and Arts Law
270.617 Rechtspolitik/ Policy of Law
270.618 (*) Special Studies in Policy of Law Policy of Constitution
Court and Public Policy


270.535 Study of English jurisdiction
270.536 American Jurisdiction Research
270.621 General theory of jurisdiction
270.622 Study of the law of Reality
270.623 Research of the law of Obligations
270.625(*) Study of precedent law of property the general Civil law
the law of reality
the general law of obligations
the law of contract
Tort Liability
Security law
270.626 Study of the civil procedure code
270.627(*) Study of the special jurisdiction Default Law
Real Estate Law
Personal right law
Contract theory
Prescription law
Simplex method
270.628 Study of the comparative jurisdiction law
270.629(*) Study of the special civil procedure code Study of the civil procedure code
Study of the subjective theory
Study of the civil court institution
Study of the act of procedure
Study of the litigation requirement
Study of the civil case evidence
Study of the method of trial
Study of the judgment effects
Study of the appeal system
270.630(*) Study of the special law of reality Transfer of a real right
The real property registration act
The law of property
The usufructuary real right
The law of mortgage
270.631(*) Study of the special law of obligations Sales law
Lease (rental) law
Subcontract law
Guarantee law
Special illegal act law
Damage compensation act law
Clause law
270.632(*) Study of the special family law Marriage law
Paternity law
Will testament law
the law of succession
the family system
270.633 Study of the unfair profits law and Tort Liability
270.634 Study of the precedent civil procedure code
270.637 Study of the precedent family law
270.639 Study of the bankruptcy law
270.64 Study of the real rights granted security law
270.642(*) Study of the Germany’s jurisdiction law the law of contract
Tort Liability
the Law of Reality
the law of relative relationship, and the Law of succession
judicial history
270.644(*) Study of the French jurisdiction law General jurisdiction
the Law of Reality
the Law of contract
Tort Liability
Family law
Judicial history
270.645(*) Study of the comparison of the civil procedure code Study of German civil procedure code
Study of England and American civil procedure code
Study of French civil procedure code
Study of the East civil procedure code
Study of Islam civil procedure code
Study of North Korean civil procedure code
Study of the comparison of administrative litigation
Study of the comparison of patent litigation
Study of the comparison of family litigation
270.646 Study of precedent compulsory execution law
270.647 Study of international law of civil procedure
270.648 Conflicts other than trial case,
study of the procedure solution
270.649 Study of the family litigation act Study of the introduction private international law
270.717(*) Study of the special private international law Study of the international judicial history
Study of the international law of reality
Study of the international law of obligations
Study of the international law of succession between relatives
Study of the international civil adjective law


270.549(*) Study of the Science and Technology law Law of bio-technology technique
Law of information and communication technology division
Law of environment and energy
Law of medicine technology
Law of internet technology
Law of computer technology
Law of e-commerce technology
Science technology and law ethics
270.638(*) Study of the special intangible property right Study of the patent law
Study of the precedent intellectual property right law
Study of copyright law
Study of utility model act
Study of the trademarks law
Study of the design law
Unfair competition prevention act
Study of international intellectual property law
Study of information technology and law
270.651 Study of the fundamental commercial law
270.652 Study of the corporation law
270.654 Study of the insurance law
270.656(*) Study of the special commercial law Study of financing legislation law
Study of financial transaction act
Study of the sea act
270.657(*) Study of the special corporation law Study of enterprise accounting law
Population structure of corporation
Study of corporation lawsuit
Study of combine law
Study of finance law of business
270.661(*) Study of the comparison of the mercantile law Study of English mercantile law
Study of American mercantile law
Study of French mercantile law
Study of German mercantile law
Etc. Study of any other foreign country mercantile law
Study of Japanese mercantile law
270.662(*) Study of the international mercantile law Study of international instruments and exchange law
Study of international financial transaction act
Study of international collaborative investment law
Study of international trading company negotiation law
270.663 Study of the company special act law
270.665 Study of the securities and exchange act law
270.666 Study of the company reorganization act law
270.667 Study of commercial law
270.668 Study of the corporate tax act law
270.67 Study of the precedent fundamental commercial law
270.671 Study of the precedent corporation law
270.673 Study of the precedent insurance law
270.675 Study of the special corporate tax act
270.676 Study of the inheritance and gift tax law
270.677 Study of the excise tax law
270.679(*) Study of the intellectual property right law Study of information property right
Study of international intellectual dispute of property law
Study of intellectual property contract law
Study of illegal act of intellectual property law
Study of philosophy intellectual property law
270.680(*) Study of the special intellectual property right law Study of internet legislation law
Study of legislation of biomedical engineering law
Study of legislation of database
Study of legislation of confidence business sales
270.736 Study of the fundamental tax law
270.737(*) Study of the fundamental tax law Special lecture of fundamental national tax law
Study of precedent taxation
Study of income tax law
Study of court tax law
Business strategy and taxation
270.738 Study of the salvation property law Study of American taxation


270.681 Study of fundamental criminal law
270.683 Study of criminology
270.684 Study of penology
270.685 Study of fundamental criminal procedure code
270.686 Study of precedent criminal code
270.687 Study of criminal evidence rule
270.688 Study of criminal policy
270.691(*) Study of the special criminal law Study of?
Study of illegality law
Study of obligation law
Study of attempted law
Study of accomplice law
Study of numbers of crimes
Study of crime of omission law
Study of negligence law
270.692 Study of comparative criminal law
270.696 Study of criminal sociology
270.697(*) Study of the special criminal procedure code Study of investigation law
Study of trial procedure
Study of judicial dispute settlement
Study of retrial law
Constitutional adjudication system and general trial
270.698 Study of the special precedent investigation law
270.699(*) Study of the special criminal law Study of national security law
Study of special sale law
Study of environmental criminal act
270.700(*) Study of tax criminal law Study of procedure for the punishment of tax evaders act
Study of customs law
Study of punishment of tax evaders act
270.701 Study of administrative criminal law
270.703 Study of economic crime law
270.704 Study of the special criminal evidence rule
270.707 Study of Korean authentic history
270.709(*) Study of the special criminal policy Study of victimology
Study of theories of crime
Juvenile delinquent treatment
Study of environmental crime


270.721(*) Theory of general administrative law Study of administrative tribunal
Study of administrative action form law
Study of administrative procedures act
270.722 Study of law of administrative organization
270.723 Study of law of administrative action
270.724 Study of law of administrative dispute
270.725 Study of law of administrative compulsion
270.726 Study of law of state indemnity
270.727(*) Study of the special administrative law
Study of discretional act
Study of administrative plan
Study of law of economic administration method
Study of the national public service law
Study of law of police organization
Study of the building act
270.728 Study of precedent administration
270.729(*) Study of law of comparative administration
Study of the English and American administrative law
Study of the German administrative law
Study of the French administrative law
Study of the Japanese administrative law
Study of the Chinese administrative law
Study of the EU administrative law
270.73 Study of law of welfare administration
270.731(*) Study of law of regulatory administration
Study of administrative law of economy regulation
Study of administrative law of social regulation
Study of administrative law of regulation of the press
Study of administrative law of regulation of the banking
Study of administrative law of regulation of
commonweal industry
Study of administrative law of regulation of environment energy industry
Study of regulatory administration policy law
Study of the energy method
270.732(*) Study of the special law of administrative relief Study of law of administration inspection
Study of patent trial institution
Study of law of indemnification of the loss
Study of the State Tort Liability Act
Study of tax suit
Study of environmental lawsuit
Study of theory of judicial review
270.733 Study of law of land administration
270.734 Study of environmental law
270.735 Study of law of financial administration
270.739 Study of law of the Local Government Act.
270.806 Study of law of tax administration
270.807(*) Study of the special environment law Study of law of environmental philosophy
The public trust doctrine and study of similarity theory?
Study of theory of environmental acceptance
Study of theory of environmental rights
Study of precedent environmental law
Study of law of environmental law
Study of public interest law
Study of environmental responsibility act
Fundamental theory of environmental law
Study of law of environmental regulation
Study of law of environmental comparison
Study of law of environmental relief


270.741 General Theory of international law
270.742(*) Study of international precedent Precedent judicial trial
Precedent arbitration
Precedent international trade
270.744 Study of law of international organizations
270.746 Study of state responsibility institution
270.747 Study of law of treaties
270.748(*) Study of international trade law International trade act
International law of contract
International Tort Liability
International process of conflict
270.75 Study of law of diplomatic relations
270.751(*) Study of judicial jurisdiction judicial trial
270.753 Study of the special international law 1
270.754(*) Study of international legislation International legislation law
Western international law
Asian international law
270.755 Study of international act of union
270.756 Study of international human rights
270.757(*) Study of international disputes settlement act International negotiation
International business and adjustment
National restriction
270.758(*) Study of law of war Law of war
Neutrality acts
War crime
270.759 Study of the special international law 2
270.76 Study of international criminal law
270.761(*) Study of district international law international law of Socialism?
law of international organizations of district
Study of NAFTA
Study of EU
270.762 Study of maritime law 2
270.763(*) Study of international economic law Overall international economic law
WTO law
environmental management and trade
multinational corporation
Study of commercial conflicts
Study of solution of conflict in WTO?
Study of extermination method of industrial loss
Study of American trade act
Law of international financial institution/organization
270.765 Study of international humanitarian law
270.766 Study of international environmental law
270.767(*) Study of international taxation General theory of international tax
Study of tax treaty
Study of international tax avoidance
270.768 State jurisdiction logy
270.769 Study of state succession


270.771 General theory of social law
270.772 Study of labor protection law
270.776(*) Study of special labor union Study of general theory of labor union
Study of formation of labor union
Study of special union security contract
Study of special interior operation of labor union
270.778 Study of collective agreement policy
270.781 Study of labor standards (ILO)
270.783 Study of fundamental labor law
270.784(*) Study of social security act General theory of social security act
Study of medical insurance act
Study of pension act
Study of employment insurance act
Study of public assistance laws
Study of laws of social welfare
270.786(*) Study of comparative labor law Study of comparative policy of labor court
Study of labor law theory in Germany
Study of comparative labor laws of EU?
Study of comparative labor laws in asia
Study of labor law theory in England?
Study of labor law theory in America?
Study of labor law theory in France
270.787(*) Study of comparative social security act Study of International social security laws
Study of social security laws of EU?
Study of social security laws of asia?
Study of social security laws of Northern Europe?
Study of social security laws of England?
Study of social security laws of France?
Study of social security laws of Germany
270.788 Study of precedent labor law
270.789 Study of precedent social security act
270.790(*) Study of special industrial policy Study of special policy of difficulties treatment
Study of special policy of participation in management
Study of special theory in information commons
Study of special collective bargaining
270.791 Study of economic laws
270.792(*) Study of special economic laws Study of the minor enterprises act
Study of financial laws
Study of cooperative laws
Study of public enterprises act
Study of foreign economic policy laws
Study of history of economic laws
Study of international economic law
Study of precedent monopoly regulations act
Competing theory and law interpretation
270.793(*) Study of comparative economic laws Study of economic laws of the special region
Study of economic laws of EU?
Study of economic laws of America?
Study of economic laws of China?
Study of economic laws of Japan?
Study of economic laws of communist country
Study of economic laws of Germany
Study of economic laws of foreign country
Study of economic laws of American and EU?
Study of Chinese antimonopoly law
270.794 Study of monopoly regulations act
270.795(*) Study of special law and economy Law and economy by F.Hayek?
Economic law of A.Smith?
Structure of property rights and economic growth?
Law and policy
Law and public choice (theory)
Relaxation of regulation
Economy law in crime and punishment
Government structure in corporation
Study of theory of law and economy
270.798 Study of international labor laws
270.799 Study of consumer protection law
270.8 Study of agricultural law
270.804 Study of general industry regulation law
270.805 Study of compensation method of industrial accident
270.852(*) Study of special industry regulation act laws Law of financial regulation industry
Law of energy regulation industry
Law of communicate regulation industry
Law of transport regulation industry
Law of public regulation industry
Law of regulation industry and competition law
270.853(*) Study of job security laws Study of framework act on employment policy and employment insurance act
Study of vocational training promotion act
Study of the employment security law
Study of legal restriction on dismissal
270.855(*) Study of precedent economic laws Study of precedent monopoly regulations act
Study of precedent competition law of foreign country
Study of precedent industrial regulation law
Study of precedent consumer protection law

Intellectual Property

2751.501(*) Patent Management Introduction to Knowledge-Based period and
Intellectual Property
Theory of Claim and Writing and Analysis Workshop
Patent Law and Requirment for Patent
Novelty of Inventionand Non-obviousness
Prerequisite Skill and Tact of Writing Statement
Patent Application Procedure and Strategy
Theory of Patent Infringement, Developing Recusal
and Inventing Recusal
Patent Map and Patent Portforlio
2751.502 Case Study of Patent basic legal issues in patent disputes
methodology of achieving development of technology
object and purpose of patent law
protecting and promoting new inventions
2751.503 International Business Negotiation Negotiation Theory: 3 tensions, Negotiation Construction,
Conclusion of contract, Settlement of a dispute
Simulation: Bakra Beverage, Market Watch, Power Screen,
Eazy‘s Garage, Bullard Houses, DEC vs. Riverside, Harborco
Settlement of a dispute and Mediation?
Negotiation, Settlement, ADR
※ Distanced?Simulation?Lecture: Students of?SNU?Santa
Clara Law School discuss and negotiate on the same issues
2751.504 Negotiation and Deal Design?
※Either take this one or International Business Negotiation
Meaning of "Value Creation"
Theoretical Foundations
Technology Licensing Agreement
Movie-making deals
Entertainment industry agent contract
Credit card payment network
M&A:?‘asset deal’?and?‘share deal’
International distribution agreement
Venture capital investment
Asset securitization contract
NPL(non-performing loan) disposition agreement?
2751.505 Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition
Trademark of Citation
Requirement of Protecting Trademark, Effectiveness,
Limitation and Infringement
Concept of Invention
Requirement of Petent, Effectiveness, Limitation and Infringment
Deveolpment of Technology and Expansion of Literary Property
Author's Moral Right, Property Right of Producer, Copyright
2751.506 International Intellectual Property Introduction to Intellectual Property and IP Rights
Copyright: Basics, Infringement and Exceptions
Copyright: International Issues and Considerations
Patent: Basics and Infringement
Patent: International Issues and Considerations
Trademarks and Geographical Indications: The Basics
Trademarks: International Issues and Considerations
TRIPs and Issues
IP and Free Trade Agreements
Current International IP Challenges: The Economic and
Legal Development Gap
2751.507 Licensing Intellectual Property basic structure and implications of legal relationships?
Licensing contracts
strategic alternatives
2751.508 Strategies for ITC Litigation Role of US ITC
ITC issues:?Prerequisite for sue, Procedur of litigation
and Import prohibition
Litigation issues: complaint and protective order,
2751.509 Strategies for International Patent Litigations Case discussion: semiconductor industry, protective order,
2751.51 Copyright Law in Practice
2751.511 Management of Intellectual Property
2751.512 Commercialization of Intellectual Property Introduction to Knowledge-Based period and
Intellectual Property
R&D and Nature of Invention, Open Innovation
Development of Skill cycle and characteristics
Skill appraisal and cases of appraisal lectures
Outsourcing: Theory and Workshop for technology transfer,
Contract writing and review, Theory and Workshop for Joint
research, Joint research on contract writing and review
Entrepreneurship and?funding
Founding and Management
2751.513 Science, Technology and Law Transition on obligation of infringement on supplier of
replication technology
Legal Protection on Technological Protection Measure
Regulation on public and private law on online-games
Legal solution procedure on dispute of acquistion
of domain name
Protection of trademarkon internet sace and other
Change in Broadcasting communication regulation
Personal information protection on Information and
Electronic commerce taxation policy
Gene patent and biotechnology patented invention
Patent pool legal problems
Supply of Patent medicine and legal problems
Legal reugulation on external fertilization and
embryo cloning
R&D tax protection system
Misuse of patent skill regulation
2751.514 Innovation & Competition Balance economic incentives of employer
and employees
Works made for hire
Incentives to non-obvious inventions and patent owners
Competition in a market for unpatented components
Exception for experiments
Economics of interoperability
Cooperation and competition during innovations
Exclusive dealings and tying agreements
Grant-back clause
Discriminatory royalties
2751.515 Evaluation of Technology Value
2751.516(*) Intellectual Property Law & Counseling Major Requirement: Santa Clara University Law School
(USA) courses including summer course (8weeks)
In this lecture, US Patent Law, copyright law, trademark
law, unfair competition law and etc are included in
American IP issues.
For this lecture, American patent lawyer, entertainment
lawyer, manufacture enterprise lawyer, Silicon Valley
corporate lawyer and etc are visiting
Major Requirement: Santa Clara University Law School
(USA) courses including summer course (8weeks)
This lecture is specifically about inherent intellectual
property of the corporations with new skills and
new technology
For visiting professors: biotechnology, internet business,
broadcasting communication and other business related
professions are organized.


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