Faculty Members

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  • Dean
    Ki Jeong Han Dean, Professor Commercial Law the Law of Insurance Contracts/the Law of Insurance Reg… 880-2611 hansure@snu.ac.kr
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Kyung-Hoon Chun Professor Commercial Law 880-6296 khchun@snu.ac.kr
  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs
    Dongjin Lee Professor Civil Law 880-7574 frangel2@snu.ac.kr
  • Director, SNU Law Research Institute
    Jong-bo Kim Professor Administrative Law 880-2603 jb1260@snu.ac.kr
  • Asia-Pacific Law Institute Director
    Jaemin Lee Professor International Law 880-7572 jaemin@snu.ac.kr
  • Director, SNU Law Library
    Woo-Young Rhee Professor Public Law 880-9065 fax871-7408 w_rhee@snu.ac.kr
  • Faculty Director for Graduate Program in Public Law
    Jae-Hyup Lee Professor Anthropology of Law · American Law Climate Change/International Environmental Law/Energy L… 880-2604 jhyup@snu.ac.kr
  • Faculty Director for Graduate Program in Private Law
    Bong-Kyung Choi Professor Private International Law/Civil Law 880-7568 cbk0824@snu.ac.kr
  • Faculty Director for Graduate Program in IP Law
    Jun-Seok Park Professor Intellectual Property Law Medicine Patent & Related Legal Systems/Copyright Syste… 880-2617 jhjh6@snu.ac.kr
  • Wonyol Jon Professor Civil Procedure 880-9086 wjon@snu.ac.kr
  • Kye Joung Lee Associate Professor the Civil Law/the Law of Trusts 880-4135 kjlee21c@gmail.com
  • Young-joon Kwon Professor Civil Law 880-4081 youngjoon@snu.ac.kr


Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Honorary professor

Visiting Professor

Clinical Professor

Adjunct Professor

Position Name Duties & Responsibilities Contact
Director for International Affairs Kieun Lee International cooperation between institutions/Visiting Scholar Program ke1226@snu.ac.kr
Director of Academic and Student Affairs Jonggu Jeong academic and student affairs, international students lawecon@snu.ac.kr
Administrative Office Taeyon Ko Admission/Dissertations Screening/Graduation kotaeyon@snu.ac.kr
Administrative Office Young Mi Lee Course registration/Curriculums leeym@snu.ac.kr
Administrative Office Go oon Bae Scholarship/Student welfare hindoo1@snu.ac.kr

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