Educational Policy

Welcome to Seoul National University School of Law

The educational policy of Seoul National University School of Law is to not only provide professional knowledge for law practitioners, but also cultivate well-trained leaders who will contribute to the legal, administrative, political, social and economic sectors of the nation, especially for the cause of the establishment of rule of law and democracy. Our School will pursue this task through a systematic interdisciplinary education program. A society is maintained by the legal order which regulates the members of that society and thus in various fields, professional legal knowledge is desired. For this reason, there can never be enough competent law practitioners and scholars with a sound, trained legal mind in reaching the goal of realizing Rule of Law in our society.

In order to achieve these goals, the School offers a curriculum based on a systematic study of humanities and the social sciences in general, and the acquirement of specialized legal knowledge. At the present, enrollment to the School of Law is limited to students with the highest annual entrance exam results.

The School believes that it is not only the duty and responsibility of our school but also that of our nation to guide these outstanding students to become competent leaders in various sectors of our country. As a part of an epochal, national task, the School of Law will continue to provide exceptional legal education keeping in mind that the responsibility of nurturing leaders who will uphold democracy and the rule of law in Korea is in our hands.

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